BlogBlog6 Ways for Start-up's To attract Customers With Brilliant Customer Service

6 Ways for Start-up's To attract Customers With Brilliant Customer Service

6 Ways for Start-up's To attract Customers With Brilliant Customer Service

Every small business starts out as a dream. Every small business starts out with a vision. Every small business starts out with so much creativity and passion.

Then when you validate and run the business, you are seeing whether your guess was right or wrong.


At this point there are a few paths new businesses take:

Sony Business Giant

1: Start out super creative and broke. You have nothing to lose. Then you start making money and to make more customers happy you become average (start serving to the median) and ultimately you get rich and the fact you lose your “soul” moves you to the broke stage at the end of the day.

Example: Think Sony. A giant in audio and TV equipment. Think back as to how they got over taken and left behind in the last 10 years.


Sinclair C5 Electric Biking

2: Your business sucks and nothing matters. It’s just not a very good idea and people don’t believe in your service or product.

Example: Think the Sinclair C5. Electric biking, 20 years ahead of it’s time and dangerous.


JK Rowling Harry Potter Author

3: You start out hyper creative and broke and through persistence and remaining true to yourself; you end up creative and rich, eventually.

Example: Think JK Rowling and the amount of times Harry Potter was turned down. Now look at her go…


But the biggest problem and it is a problem is that over time businesses get more focused on the revenue and less on continually over delighting their customers.

 “To be memorable for your customer is pretty easy. Why? The BAR IS SET SO LOW.”

Most companies run their business to the law of averages. The excitement where most businesses start off, quickly fades as they attempt to please their widening customer base.

So how can you continually ensure greatness?

Here’s what I believe:

6 Key Brilliant Attributes to consistently make your customers think you are brilliant:

1- Core values. Stand for something.

2- The Hell No. Know what you will never do. Write it down. Make a poster, tell your customers.

3- Authentic. Unless you are appealing to teeny-boppers who will share whatever you put in front of them, your business reflects you. Run the business you always wanted to purchase from.

4- Surprise. You can’t always surprise the customer but the unexpected gets remembered. What did you eat last Wednesday for dinner? ….exactly!

5- Consistent. Imagine going to your favourite restaurant and the prices were different (annoying a/b testing) or the same dish always tasted different.

6- Personal.  Places that give warm welcomes to their regular clients and customers will always win over. The more personal a business is the bigger the chance of awards and the bigger the award, the more the customers notice you.

Until Next time,

Be Brilliant,


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