Make Your Business Irresistible 1 Day Workshop



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Make Your Business Irresistible - Marketing the RIGHT offer, to the RIGHT customer at the RIGHT time, made EASY!


Most of the work I do with clients is to make sure they are moving their business forward constantly. There is a saying that "Even if you're on the right track, stand still long enough, you'll get run over."


So why do so many small businesses fail to evolve what they offer their clients and customers? Why do so many small businesses fail to evolve what they offer potential clients and customers and then spend ages wondering why they go elsewhere?


On this workshop, I'm going to show you how to evolve your business by offering the RIGHT offer to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time.


The day will look at topics such as:


- Unique Selling Points

- Psychology of selling (without actually selling)

- Trigger points for marketing

- Customer and client centred business practices that work

- Increasing your rates and prices 

- Increasing your value to the customer WITHOUT increasing your costs...


PLUS... we have a guest speaker for the day!




Meet Croz Crossley; Speaker, Teacher, Consultant, Author, Actor, Artist and one of the most knowledgeable people you could meet on the power of the mind.


Croz has always been an entrepreneur and at 43 years old he lost everything; as in everything. He realised that his state of mind at that time was pinning him to the spot and this forced him to find out how to get back in the game.


His journey back and all the lessons learned are the basis of all his teachings. He now enjoys a very balanced life having created a residual income with a property portfolio.


Croz now divides his time between coaching, speaking at business events and schools, travelling, playing golf and generally enjoying life! Plus he's here to help you improve your mindset when it comes making you and your business irresistible.


So 2018 is a new year.


Let's make 2018 a year where you and your business become so irresistible that your business feels fresh and new and attracts the right new customers and clients at will!




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